Free Tipsheet: 10 ways to increase Efficiency and Safety in your Washing area.

Learn in a few minutes what took us years of research and watch your efficiencies increase and  be able to go home earlier!

You grow beautiful, healthy produce but getting it washed, packed and stored is a challenge. You need to speed up your systems, get your workers to work faster and more efficently, and have your product last longer.  Read below for how this tipsheet can help you. 

In This tipsheet, You'll Learn:

  • The simple but frequently ignored tool that can double or triple your efficiency.
  • what light level you should be achieving in your wash area and how that effects crew performance.
  • what the proper santizer is for your products and how to make sure you are not wasting it. 
  • how spaghetti diagrams can save you time and money.
  • How to clean crops faster and make them shine.
  • Pro tips that will instantly give you a leg up over the competition.

Start growing  more profitable crops today by downloading the free ebook now!

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Download the tipsheet "10 ways to increase efficency and safety in your washing area" today.  It's free!
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